About us

As an emerging team of highly motivated technicians and engineers, HUEBER Service GmbH aims to serve customers in the classical manner. We understand this as upholding the values that have contributed to the greatness and position of the German Mittelstand, which it still benefits from today.

Our goal is to support the customer, ensuring their success, always under the motto ‘Live and let live.’ We do not strive for one-time great success but rather sustainable success with a justification for existence for both parties. We do not seek to buy our way in but stand for fair and upright interactions, right from the beginning. This applies within the company as well as in dealings with customers and suppliers.
Our strengths, in addition to technical expertise, lie in relationship management across the entire value chain. We have outstanding technicians and engineers in development, production, and assembly. The experience, especially in custom gearbox construction, is unparalleled, whether in project planning or assembly – over 40 years!

Together with younger, excellently trained masters and technicians, we have an exceptionally effective and competent market performance, especially in the assembly area, which you as a customer can always rely on.

You can count on us – test us – we look forward to it.