High Speed Gearbox

HUEBER High-Speed Gears: Precision in Specialized Gear Solutions

HUEBER High-Speed Gears represent technically sophisticated custom gears designed for specific applications requiring high speeds and other specialized demands. These may include turbo gears, test bench gears, or other specialty gears designed to operate at elevated rotational speeds and meet unique requirements.

HUEBER High-Speed Gears are available in pure spur gear or bevel gear configurations, and combinations of both. Additionally, each gear can be equipped with one or multiple gear stages to suit the specific application.

The required oil pressure lubrication can be integrated into the gear or delivered separately with an oil reservoir. We are pleased to provide comprehensive monitoring or PLC control for your drive solution as needed.

Description: Delivered test bench gearbox with two outputs, integrated oil supply, clamping hubs and other figures.

Das Bild zeigt ein weiteres High Speed Getriebe.

Description: Delivered Test Bench Gear 180-1SF

• Power (P): = 225 kW
• Gear Stage 1:
   Ration (i1): 1,0 n1
   Input speed (n1): 10.000 min-1
   Torque: (T2.1): 442 Nm
• Gear Stage 2:
   Ration (i2): i2 = 1,7
   Input speed (n1): 10.000 min-1
   Torque: (T2.2): 260 Nm
• Bearing: Sliding and roller bearings
Lubrication: Injection lubrication with integrated unit

Eine Aufnahme eines High Speed Getriebes von vorne.

Clutch Test Bench Gear Type: 840Z-1SF-SO – Image 1

Power: 300kW

New Gear Units and Repairs
Speed n1: Nom. 4000 – Max 10000 upm
• Speed n2: Nom. 4000 – Max 10000 upm
• Innere Shaft Speed: Nom 4000 – Max 10000 upm
• Ratio: 1
• Weight: 500 kg
• Application Factor: 1.4 AGMA
• Drive Torque: 716 Nm

Clutch test bench gearbox type: 840Z-1SF-SO Fig. 2

Special Feature:
The output shaft consists of a shaft-in-shaft combination, enabling a maximum differential speed of 6,000 rpm.

Description: Test Bench Gear – 2-Stage Bevel Helical Gear – Summing Gear in T-Configuration

Technical. Data:
• Nominal Power: 2 x 265 kW
• Dyno Speed: 0 – 3.000 1/min
• max. Torque: 2 x 5.000 Nm
• Test Specimen Side Speed: 0 – 5.550 1/min.
• Ratio: 1:1,85
• Rotation Direction / Torque: Bidirectional
• Torque between Dynos: Max 400 Nm

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