Gearbox Spare Parts

If replacement parts are needed, they will be manufactured or sourced quickly and reliably.

Regardless of the manufacturer, damaged parts for your drive situation are measured, recalculated over the axle distances, optimized, adapted, or generated according to your drawings.

Our team ensures a smooth process with their familiar personal commitment.

Our services for gearbox spare parts include:

  • Replacement parts according to drawings or samples
  • Procurement of purchased or standard parts
  • Reengineering
  • Calculation, optimization

We are happy to generate the data for your spare parts from your old or defective parts.
See the business area >>HUEBER GEAR XY for more information.

To process your request as effectively as possible and to provide a rough price estimate for a gearbox spare part (gear set or just a part), we need as much detailed information as possible. For the easy collection of this data, Hueber Service GmbH provides pre-made recording drawings for download.
You can request these drawings as a PDF here.

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