Gear-specific Videoscopy HUEBER GESCOP

Videoscopy can be used for routine inspection or as-needed examination of gears. After a specific event, such as a crash or short-term lack of lubrication or overload, an optical inspection using videoscopy can provide clarity about potential damage to the gear teeth and, if accessible, the rolling bearings.

Smaller damages may not be identifiable by simply looking through inspection ports. Videoscopy can address this issue. The examination result from gear videoscopy typically provides specific information about the condition of the gear teeth or the gearbox. Detecting small damages early on helps in avoiding costly subsequent damages in most cases.

Image 1:
Ideally, the gear teeth are well visible through the opening.

Image 2:
If there is insufficient lighting or accessibility, damages like material run-out or pitting at the tooth base can be overlooked. This marks the beginning of an exponentially increasing wear. Depending on the runtime and utilization of the system, early planning or preparation for repair is advisable. Videoscopy helps in detecting these damages.

Image 3:
Material breakouts as a result of progressive wear, clearly confirmed through videoscopy.

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