Storage of gear units

Info zur Getriebeeinlagerung

Storage Instructions

For various reasons, the storage of gearboxes may become necessary. New or overhauled gearboxes can be stored as a backup until the failure of a gearbox in operation for an indefinite period. Similarly, gearboxes replaced due to bearing or gear damage are often stored unrepaired for a long time until a decision for refurbishment is made.

For ready-to-install gearboxes, it is important to avoid pre-damage to all moving parts. Typically, at the time of installation, the warranty has expired, and an early failure could incur costs and reduce system availability. This can be avoided with minimal, one-time effort. Even removed gearboxes with damage can be protected from corrosion damage to otherwise undamaged gear parts or oil supply pumps with minimal effort.

If a gearbox needs to be replaced, it can usually be done by the factory or customer’s own personnel. If this is not possible, HUEBER Service GmbH is, of course, available with its service personnel. See also the section “Gearbox Service.”

For both types of storage, i.e., the ready-to-install gearbox and the damaged gearbox before refurbishment, HUEBER Service GmbH provides simple recommendations for free download. If interested, please fill out the request form, and soon you will have the instructions in hand.

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