HUEBER vertical agitators

Developed at a time when environmental protection had nothing to do with a political party or ideology, but was an engineering virtue.

Our experienced technicians can service, inspect, or repair your HUEBER vertical agitator.

If replacement parts are needed, we can provide all parts true to the original through our available documentation.

Do you have tanks or containers for which you need a HUEBER vertical agitator? We design it according to your dimensions, provide you with a quote, and deliver/install your custom-made HUEBER vertical agitator.

Vertical agitator – Picture from above

Vertical agitator – Draft

Possible variants of the Hueber vertical agitator:

  • MZW with a central main shaft / safest and best design
  • OZW without a central main shaft / the agitator shaft is not guided
  • ZRW Central agitator shaft

Hueber vertical agitators are energy-saving systems from the very beginning!
Special solutions, such as double agitators, have also been successfully implemented.

The circumferential vertical agitator, with its applications, structure, benefits, and return on investment calculation, is available for download here.

 HUEBER Vertikalrührwerk

Further to turned parts and milled parts / contract manufacturing