Our guiding principles

HUEBER Service GmbH is aware of its economic, ecological, and social responsibility towards its employees, customers, business partners, as well as the state, society, and the environment. The company is convinced that ethical behavior is essential for long-term successful business activities. HUEBER Service GmbH fulfills its responsibility through ethical conduct in its entire business operations.

Commitment, responsibility, trust, and collaboration are values to which HUEBER Service GmbH and its employees are committed. The application and implementation of these values in daily interactions with internal and external partners are part of the company culture at HUEBER Service GmbH, which is based on mutual respect.

HUEBER Service GmbH maintains a continuous partnership with its customers and suppliers based on openness and mutual trust. The company expects sustainability, social responsibility, as well as compliance with laws and standards from its suppliers.

The commitment of employees and the opportunity to unfold their abilities are indispensable for the long-term success of HUEBER Service GmbH. Therefore, we place special emphasis on ensuring that employees from all areas work together respectfully, fairly, courteously, honestly, and trustfully.